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February 2015

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Presenter – Sulochana Atla
Topic- Why CRM is important for Small Business owners.

About the Presenter- Sulochana Atla is the Managing Director of Nulosoft and the Face of the company. With over 16 years of experience in IT Services and hands on experience in Government Projects, ERP, CRM and Custom developed Applications – Sulochana is an Expert helping businesses increase ROI through innovative software.


March 2015

Presenter- Owen Rogers

Topic- Poppy Park Program

About Owen-I have been in Penrith since 1974.Married, the eldest of nine brothers and sisters, have five children and four grandkids, very exciting times in the family structure. Their support enables great joy and ability to achieve goals.

My background is in accounting, finance and trades based environments all around business on how to setup, grow businesses while also concentrating on educating myself and the team around me for betterment.I am in business partnership with my youngest brother and have been since 2000.

I currently have a home loan business called the Australian Loan, a Director of Humanise and the schools Next Generation program.

Recently sold another business called Mul-T-Security in Penrith, which has been going since 1980. This is a great business supporting local trades and giving back to the community in fund raising and volunteer programs, which I am sure the new owners will continue.

Love being involved in the community events and am currently the Treasurer of NADO ( Nepean Area Disability Organisation) and also the Chairmen of the Penrith CBD Corporation. We have the Penrith CBD festival on next month, March 21st in Penrith. All are welcome to attend.



April 2015

Presenter- Sue Mitchell

About Sue-Sue Mitchell from Success Making Choices conducted an excellent workshop on How to Have a Business Plan for your business.  The room was abuzz with her interactive strategies to build personal confidence and to show the tools to help move life and business forward.  Sue is also on the co-founders of Magic Mosaics which is a community based gathering designed to give the opportunity to assist others where needed.   Sue’s enthusiasm and passion for all around her is infectious, uplifting and at all times educational



May 2015

Presenter- Pauline Mitchell

Topic- Personal healing

About Pauline-Pauline Mitchell is the owner of Moonlady Healing Services. With an everlasting sense of humour and wisdom born of life experiences, Pauline shares her love and positive energy with anyone who needs personal healing.